Datafortune is a Microsoft certified partner headquartered in the USA and development centres in Pune and Hyderabad (India).

The company was formed by a group of passionate Data professionals, who have right from the inception of the organisation invested in team members and customer cultures to create a cohesive, productive and high performing work environment. When you meet us, you will obviously notice our passion for data and analytics underlined by the end customer objectives. Our key focus while delivering business value to you are the solutions to your data related problems and not billable hours. Our unique delivery methodologies focus on minimizing risk and extracting answers to key business questions from your data.

We help you optimize your technology investments to gain market share, be more competitive, and drive growth and innovation by extending Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Data Management solutions on Microsoft's Azure, SQL Server and Power BI platforms. We also extend services and solutions on business productivity solutions available on Microsoft stack.

Our seamless range of data and analytics services include

Enterprise Data Management

Cloud Computing and Advanced Analytics

Internet of Things

Business Productivity Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions on Azure

Support Services


We are committed to meet the expectations of our clients and deliver added value with each business engagement

Establish Understanding, Trust, and Accountability

Clarify and understand customer expectations, establish and meet timeframes, and provide a consistent and responsive approach to customer requests and feedback as prioritized by the IT governance structure.

Facilitate Collaboration, Cooperation, and Communication

Collaborate among various customer constituencies, encourage cooperation with customers, partners and facilitate two-way communication between stakeholders.

Make Data Driven, Innovative, Customer Focused Decisions

Continuously evaluate and improve the efficiency of IT service support, response, and decision-making within the organization.

Deliver High-Quality Services

Provide high-quality services that address the needs of customers.

Foster Partnerships

Partner with the customer to share responsibility and accountability for reliable, customer-focused services.


Customer Facing Units

Customer Service at Datafortune is not a department, but an attitude.

We strive towards a seamless end to end customer experience, right from the instance when you are considering becoming a customer, all the way through the sales cycle and eventually when you become a client.

The reason is very simple - A happy and satisfied customer is our only business strategy!
We put that lens on everything we do including pre-sales, kick offs, deliveries and throughout the project lifecycle.

Our team strives to build a customer experience that nurtures life-long relationships. We work towards providing an experience that's consistent, unified and positive throughout the project lifecycle.

Of course, to build the right customer experience requires a lot to go in the project. We fill such gaps by way of necessary knowledge sharing sessions and trainings which include intelligence like positioning and best practices helps our employees to succeed in their roles and ensure the success of the respective customers.

Internal Development Unit

We are a team of craftsmen and we own our codes.

We work in small teams and that enables us with better communication, contribution, and great morale!

We are a team of young, mentally nimble and well-versed certified specialists and masters in IT with comprehensive knowledge and experience in Big Data Management, Cloud Computing, Advanced Analytics, Visualization and Microsoft Technologies. We also ensure that each team member receives whatever technical trainings and certifications are necessary to maintain their level of domain proficiency in this fast-paced world of technology.

Datafortune Development Team is divided into the following functional groups
  1. Management (project and group leaders)
  2. Analysis and Design (system analysts and system architects)
  3. Engineering (developers, database administrators)
  4. Quality Assurance and Control (reviewers, testers, test designers)
  5. Technical Writers and Translators
  6. Infrastructure Support (system administrators)
  7. Design and Usability (art designers, interface designers)