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8 Scary Consequences of a Bad Hire

The recruitment team at every company works hard and spends lots of money to identify and bring aboard the right person to fill an open role. Every now and then a new employee is hired who turns out to be a liability for their team, their department, and the company as a whole.

What are some potential consequences of hiring the wrong person for the job?

Financial costs. The costs of interviewing, hiring, and training a recruit are high and are wasted if that employee winds up being a bad hire.

Employee morale can take a hit. There are many reasons a new employee can turn out to be a bad hire; one of the most common is they bring a negative attitude into the workplace. If this is the case, is sure to be negatively impacted.

Negative online reviews. Job candidates will look into online reviews that employees have created about their time working at a company. Hiring and having to subsequently let go of a bad hire greatly increases your chances of them writing a scathing review, which can have long-term consequences for your company’s reputation.

Bigger workload for other employees. Whether it is incompetence, laziness or a mix of the two that makes an employee a bad hire, you can bet that their particular defects will result in more work and longer hours for their more capable colleagues.

More stress on managers. Managers are already under a considerable amount of pressure to manage teams when those groups are comprised of competent, efficient employees. Add a bad hire to any team and it’s guaranteed to create a critical amount of stress for any manager.

Less credibility in the eyes of clients. Every interaction a bad hire has with a client runs the risk of irrevocably damaging that relationship, which your teams have spent time and money building.

Potential legal issues. If an employee is a very bad hire, one that is untrustworthy enough to possibly engage in criminal activity, you could find yourself immersed in a lengthy and expensive legal battle.

Poor representation to clients. If your employees are responsible for directly communicating with customers, a bad hire increases the risk of a poor interaction which could impact your sales.

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