Datafortune vResource

What it is:

With the speed at which technologies have taken over, everything can be done remotely. We offer experts who can work with you anytime and from anywhere – virtually. They serve exactly like your employees but they just don’t come into your office space. This remote staffing solution lends out-of-the-box outcomes without compromising on quality, attention to details and productivity.

How it works

Our vResources, who come from among the top 10% of the Software Engineering talent in the country, guided by our Project Managers and ably aided by our Quality teams, provide you with the best in class code. They thus help you build sharp, lean and robust software assets that are long lasting with the most appealing and easy to use User Interface, resulting in a pleasant User Experience.


Datafortune’s Quality teams are always monitoring our vResources ensuring that established processes are followed and the code generated is of high quality and reusable most of the times. This enables us to meet the quality standards that customers have come to expect of us.

They perform as part of our customer’s extended teams and are dedicated entirely to Datafortune’s customers for as long as the customers need them to be onboard. All their activities are recorded and are accessible to our customers through timesheets that are available on the customer portal. Customers also have direct access to these named vResources and all modes of communication are made available for free flow of communication. Our processes also enable daily and weekly reporting so customers are appraised of progress in their projects at all times.


Datafortune’s vResources are available through the entire software development lifecycle and help our customers conceptualize, plan and execute projects on an end-to-end basis.

Our vResources include skill sets like Solution Architects, Programmers, Senior Developers, DevOps personnel, Manual & Automation Testing personnel in various technologies.


Our core business being BI, we can take on turnkey projects or provide you with experts that will consult with you on every aspect of your data needs regardless of what tool, platform or technology you would like us to work on.