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Datafortune Academy

We think everyone should yearn to learn. For those knowledge-seekers and ladder-climbers, we have formed the Datafortune Academy.

What it is?

An initiative by the Datafortune leadership team to help customers Learn, Upgrade, Innovate and Succeed with technology in their businesses.


Innovation in this era means ideas that earn money. These ideas can take form of products, solutions and services that set a benchmark in the world of technology and beyond. We, at Datafortune, believe in innovation beyond imagination and thus the academy is meant to sharpen your acumen.

What it does.

We conduct power BI and specific technical workshops; trainings and certifications run in-house/virtually and at client locations by Datafortune domain experts in the respective technologies. The workshops that we conduct for our clients are often supported by a POC to help organizations understand the benefits of these digital transformations. The other objective of the DF academy is to ensure that its employees are constantly Microsoft trained and upgraded which we achieve via exclusive training plans and workshops available online that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

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Our CoE consists of a group of Technical Experts coming together to improve expertise and to be a Single Focal point for Knowledge, Development and Management. The end result is leading to an enhanced capability to capture new practices and solutions in Data Management, Analytics and Cloud. Our Centers of Excellence help overcome silos and build a robust framework of technical excellence by aligning the strategic assets of the company, i.e.; people, process and technology.

Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence
Technology Evangelism
Concept Building
Outsoursing Development
Business Solutions

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