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PHP Web Development for Small Business

How Does PHP Web Development Help Small Businesses?

PHP is an almost three-decade-old programming language. But the language has evolved significantly with time and continues to be among the first choices for websites worldwide. Per reports, 75-80 percent of websites worldwide have a PHP code! It proves beneficial for businesses of varying sizes, including small ones. So, if you are a small business looking to develop your website, let’s see how PHP can benefit you.

7 Reasons PHP Benefits Small Businesses for Web Development

While developing a website, some fundamental factors that small businesses look for are cost, flexibility, competitiveness, and customization. PHP serves all these needs while providing a few more benefits. Let’s look at seven of them.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

PHP is an open-source platform. Hence, it is free and saves a lot of costs for small businesses with crunched budgets. Small businesses, which usually operate on tiny web development budgets, can benefit from PHP, considering its open-source nature.

2. Website Security

PHP offers excellent security, an amazing inclusion for small businesses that usually do not have the financial muscle to invest in additional security resources.

3. Flexibility

PHP is a flexible language that enables easy changes and modifications to your website. This is an advantage for small businesses that keep evolving and expanding with time and need a website that quickly adapts and aligns to real-time changes. They can also remove some parts of the website and scale it per their needs. Thus, they don’t have to invest as much as they might have to with other programming languages.

4. Straightforward Coding

PHP coding is more straightforward than other scripting languages. The code is easy, clean, and hence popular with small businesses that do not have the bandwidth to deal with complex codes to develop their websites. Besides, since it is an open-source language, you can have round-the-clock technical support from developers worldwide. So, if you are struggling with something, you don’t have to hire an expensive resource. PHP’s extensive community support can help you resolve most issues seamlessly.

5. Platform Independence

As a small business, you must have chosen a platform suitable for your business operations. PHP supports you on this front as well. It can run on any platform like Unix, Linux, Windows, or macOS. In addition, it supports servers like Microsoft IIS, iPlanet, Apache, etc., and databases including MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and many others.

6. Simpler Maintenance

Maintenance forms a significant part of a website’s overall operations and upkeep. In some cases, small businesses spend more than intended on maintaining their website, draining a considerable amount of their resources.

But with PHP, you don’t have to confront these concerns. It is because code written in PHP is easy to read and understand. So, when you encounter a new error or bug on your website, your PHP development team may resolve it seamlessly. It doesn’t matter if your website was developed by the existing development team or someone else.

7. Smoother Scalability

With time, your business will grow. It will expand physically and virtually. But while entering new markets, you also need a website that supports your growth and geographical expansion. You will have many new users exploring your website and expecting a frictionless web viewing experience. PHP supports this. It has several extensions and libraries that enable quicker and simpler code modifications.

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