Enterprise Data Management Services

Your data keeps accumulating in your warehouse from every conceivable media, but the value of your data depends on what you do with it. Bad data is as good as no data. So the key lies in effective data management. We help you reduce administration, storage, development and server costs while delivering one-of-a-kind performance for highly available transactions and operational analytics. Intelligence is not only in technologies but the people who work behind them. Datafortune combine both to derive and deliver solutions that will change your perspective and power in the business world.

We offer added advantages

Maximize availability for business critical transactions and analytics

Faster, actionable insights into transactional data

Newer business opportunities with Internet of everything

Increased database agility with Azure

Increased IT alignment with the business

Our Enterprise Data Management technique is laid on two primary pillars of innovation

– with which we have long powered data-driven
businesses in a multi-cloud world.

Under our Enterprise Data Management
umbrella we also offer

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