We are a process driven yet people-centric company. We leverage top-notch technologies and experts after getting a complete grasp of your needs to deliver real world outcomes. Results that impact your high frequency decision making and accelerate your business – from the smallest nuance to the biggest.


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Case Studies

A leading wireless spectrum analysis firm increased its Application’s Performance by more than 50%

A leading authority of wireless spectrum in the US improved the performance of its web-based Application by migrating to the MVC platform. The initial Application was built in .NET using complex algorithms and took a long time to perform significant analysis. Datafortune’s team analyzed the application and identified a platform that would solve all of […]

Case Studies

Data Management For A Billion Dollar Insurance Company

Datafortune is a pioneer in providing Data Management, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Business Productivity Solutions, and Infrastructure Solution on Azure. Our expert guidance and state-of-the-art technology transformed a 200 Million USD renowned Insurance company into a 1.2 Billion USD company over a span of 9 years. The client then used an obsolete Content Management system. The volume […]