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10 Best Angular JS Development Tools in 2022

Angular.JS is a popular and widely used software development framework. It enables developers to build dynamic and power-packed applications.

However, Angular.JS takes web development support a notch above. It also provides tools that support the development of various features and functionalities, and activities related to testing and development.

If you’ve been searching for a consolidated list of ten Angular.JS development tools in 2022, reading this blog can help.

  1. Protractor

Developed by Google, Protractor is used for web apps that enable end-to-end testing. It performs testing in real software and allows auto-synchronization of tests and the pages using the tool. Some other features of Protractor include optimized speed, data-driven test support, and simple setup and installation.

  • Karma

Karma is an open-source tool that allows developers to test codes in a real-time environment. It offers an on-ground testing feature that enables quick detection of defects, glitches, errors, etc., thus simplifying the testing activity. Additional features include continuous integration and straightforward debugging.

  • Jasmine

Jasmine is a behavior-driven framework that enables developers to test web development. It is an open-source tool with a simple API and clean and straightforward syntax. The tool offers an aligned configuration that eliminates dependencies on browsers or other JavaScript testing environments.

  • Code Orchestra

Another Angular.JS development tool on the list is Code Orchestra. It allows programmers to code in real-time, make changes and save them. Changes to the program auto-update it through a unique protocol that simplifies integration. Some features include multi-platform (Linux/Mac) support, simple app architecture, and a clean code. You can also test various platforms at a time.

  • Sublime Text

Sublime Text supports your endeavor to develop and test your application/ web page’s code. The tool delivers high efficiency, seamless coding, and superior results. It has a clean UI with various features that enhance performance. Besides, Sublime Text is available for various OSs, allows you to switch projects easily, enables cross-platform editing, and offers a custom UT toolkit.

  • Angular Seed

Angular Seed serves as the superstructure of the skeletal structure of the AngularJS app involved. Deploying Angular Seed enables developers to bootstrap an Angular app development project with the help of the best IDE for Angular.JS development. Additional features include comprehensive Docker support, multiple Angular.JS application support, and pre-configured support.

  • Angular Deckgrid

Angular Deckgrid is a lightweight and effective grid for Angular.JS. It works best for instructions/code where the directive specified is separate from its visual representation. Apart from being a lightweight framework, Angular Deckgrid offers CSS files for visuals.

  • Mean

An open-source tool, Mean serves as a boilerplate with the capability to work across various platforms and devices. Developers widely use it to build solid and dynamic applications using MongoDB, Angular.JS, Express, and Node.JS. Mean can also accelerate development with tools like Passport and Mongoose.

  • Angular IDE

Angular IDE is an excellent IDE for seasoned developers as well as beginners. It offers a range of features like smart syntax-aware source code coloring, real-time code validations, and code auto-completion. Additionally, it provides HTML template intelligence to auto-complete codes and detects misdefined tags.

  1. Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio accelerates website and web app development. It leverages Eclipse, an integrated development environment that’s flexible and, at the same time, efficient. In addition, the tool ensures excellent Git integrations and enables a more efficient source code management. Some features include an in-built debugger and a tree-based code browser that minimizes the development effort.

Undoubtedly, Angular.JS’s broad spectrum of tools simplifies web development and contributes to enhanced web experiences. No wonder many of the leading companies worldwide trust Angular.JS and have been loyally using it for years.

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