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10 Reasons Why You Should Use Angular for Your Enterprise Web Development

Angular is a web application framework associated with superior user experience, efficiency, speed, productivity, and ease of access. It enables developers to develop interactive web applications with a consistent code and modular structure. These reasons and others that we will discuss in this blog make Angular a prudent choice for enterprise web development. So, let’s look at ten of them.

Why Choose Angular JS for Enterprise Web Development?

Angular constitutes the web development framework for many global enterprises across various business domains like online payment, entertainment, etc. However, why has Angular emerged as a winner across technology history? These ten reasons answer the question.

  1. Straightforward MVC Architecture

Angular has a straightforward MVC architecture. It separates the model from the View and covers various types of data binding. Additionally, it separates the various parts of an application, thus simplifying development and testing to a massive extent.

  • Quick-Paced

Page loading speed is an essential aspect of user experience. Angular resonates with this crucial need and helps developers create pages that load quickly without requiring the user to stare at the loading circular cursor! So, if your enterprise website or web application is a consumer-facing one, you can choose Angular and let it contribute to your users’ experience.

  • Accelerated Development

Enterprise web development is intricate yet needs to be quick enough to efficiently reach the market on time and combat competition. Angular precisely meets this need. Its two-way binding and straightforward MVC make it an incredible choice for quick web development. Besides, it simplifies coding, which is why developers find it easy to use and understand.

  • SEO Advantage

Today, most of the digital efforts of a company revolve around earning the SEO advantage, driving web traffic, and generating leads. In situations like these, a framework must prove fruitful on the SEO front. Angular does it. It is an SEO-friendly web development framework that provides features that contribute to the search engine visibility of a particular website and help companies optimize the SEO benefit.

  • Two-Way Data Binding and Automated Synchronization

Another special feature of Angular is that it provides two-way binding. It allows seamless synchronization of the data between the Model and the View. Accordingly, a change or modification in data automatically helps update the Model and the View in real-time. That saves the efforts of developers, who earlier had to invest a lot of time to manually update Model and View according to changes in the data.

  • Code Re-usability

Code re-usability and consistency are two other significant aspects of Angular that make it an apt choice for enterprise website and web application development.

Code consistency forms the base of a solid development environment. Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) and documentation style guide foster a very high level of consistency. On the other hand, Angular enables developers to reuse codes that simplifies the development process. Additionally, developers can build shorter codes and simplify the development process.

  • Simplified Testing

Testing is as crucial as development to the success of enterprise web applications and websites. Angular aces across this aspect as well. It enables you to test the codebase with every function. Angular’s module separation features simplify testing every module whenever required. Additionally, the front-end framework does not require a supplementary plugin to enable the testing of the application.

  • Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is critical to the continued success and competence of a particular web application or website. However, it shouldn’t hinder regular operations and hamper the user experience. Angular addresses this concern as well. Developers can modify, upgrade and maintain every section of the Angular web app separately. Thus, the app works as usual while a particular feature undergoes changes or maintenance.

The ability to work separately on features also allows companies to launch an MVP and then scale it up and equip it with features and functionalities based on user feedback and response.

  • Suitability for Large Web Applications

Angular is suitable for large-scale web applications. It is because Angular’s MVC architecture allows developers to divide an app into the three main parts – Model, View, and Controller. It also helps developers modify specific aspects of the app as a single section without touching others.

  1. Secure Access Management

Angular allows you to apply current domain systems in the app’s security stream and login wall. It helps merge various domains into a single login system, thus making it more secure.

Other reasons to adopt Angular for enterprise web development include directives that enable development with lesser coding, SPA-driven features, templates that simplify web applications, multiple filters that enable organizing the development activity better, and enhance flexibility (through seamless updating without requiring to reload the entire web-page).

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