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A List of Everything You Need to Know About Outsourcing IT Services 

Globally, IT outsourcing is a massive market. Per reports, it was valued at over USD 550 billion in 2020. And, at a CAGR of nearly eight percent, it is projected to surpass the USD 800 billion mark by 2025! So, without a doubt, IT outsourcing is a proven strategy, which, as a service, has a humongous market share. 

Perhaps, that’s the first thing to know about IT outsourcing. Many companies worldwide are already doing it, and they’ve established a solid vendor base across various countries like India, the Philippines, etc. But if you are a novice, you must contemplate a few aspects. Exploring these facets will enable you to make the right and informed decision and help you augment your RoI. 

Identifying the Need to Outsource 

At the outset, you must identify and determine if you really need to outsource. Is outsourcing really required? This question could be answered by looking at a few roadblocks concerning insourcing. It could include hiring challenges, the time needed to pick the right talent, time spent in training resources, dealing with resignations, employee administration costs, etc. 

If the answers to all these questions point to outsourcing as the only solution, it is time for you to identify the parts of your services you need to outsource. 

Examining In-House Resources and Skills 

Outsourcing is a tested and proven strategy. But you must examine whether you really require it before you make a decision. Thus, prior to identifying the services to outsource, you must perform another crucial check. It concerns your existing in-house resource strength and capabilities. If you think you have the bandwidth to upskill your current workforce for a particular job, you may go for it.  

However, you must make a decision only after calculating the time, energy, and wherewithal required to train your existing manpower. If you think it could be arduous to make all of it happen, you can go for outsourcing. 

Determining the Services to be Outsourced 

The next part is to identify the services you need to outsource. Of course, you don’t have to outsource anything and everything. For instance, if your existing workforce is falling short of managing your IT department needs like network monitoring, upgrades, maintenance, and technical support, you may outsource it to an external vendor specialized in managed IT services. 

Thus, a careful assessment of the pain areas, based on insights from the respective departments, can help you make an informed decision. 

Looking for the Right IT Outsourcing Companies 

Once you determine the services to outsource, you must look for IT outsourcing companies. The default choice for most companies from the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, and many other countries is India. 

Of course, India offers various reasons to be the most preferred choice. Some include the number of IT outsourcing vendors, the significant cost advantage (IT resources in India are available at a far cheaper rate than in the west), extensive talent availability, quality of skills, high levels of commitment, and the country’s strategic time zone. Thus, you may consider choosing IT outsourcing companies from India. 

Nevertheless, some factors to consider while choosing a prospective IT outsourcing company include assessing its experience, areas of expertise, outsourcing models, availability of resources, scalability, customer feedback, and earlier results.  

Weighing the Cost of Outsourcing and Insourcing 

This is another critical step. The two primary objectives of outsourcing are filling the in-house talent void and saving money otherwise spent in managing every aspect of insourcing, from hiring to administration. 

But before outsourcing, you must weigh the costs involved in outsourcing and insourcing. The list of IT outsourcing service providers will help you here. While having your insourcing costing report with you, you can ask the prospective vendors to send you a quote of the outsourcing cost each one quotes. 

Compare the insourcing and outsourcing costs pertaining to your parameters, and then decide what to choose! But what if the outsourcing cost is more or less the same? Here, you wouldn’t want your decision to be entirely driven by the outsourcing cost. The enormous effort and time you save while outsourcing a particular task also matter. You can use that energy and time to focus on your core business! 

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