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Case Studies
Data Management For A Billion Dollar Insurance Company

Data Management For A Billion Dollar Insurance Company

Datafortune is a pioneer in providing Data Management, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Business Productivity Solutions, and Infrastructure Solution on Azure. Our expert guidance and state-of-the-art technology transformed a 200 Million USD renowned Insurance company into a 1.2 Billion USD company over a span of 9 years. The client then used an obsolete Content Management system. The volume of information stored had to be managed manually. This often led to inconsistency in the data, potential errors and revisions. Overall the approach was time-consuming and cumbersome.

We achieved so by identifying the pain points, automating the backend process, replacing the traditional approaches with modern techniques. Data gathering needed to be streamlined, automated, and validated with a high degree of automation involved to make it easier, accurate & palatable.

Automation helped them with a single interface to discover and interact with all analytics. This improved reporting tremendously. They could diversify their business verticals because of higher profitability.


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