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Why India is Still The Best Place To Outsource Your Software Development Needs

Why India is Still The Best Place To Outsource Your Software Development Needs

In March 2020, most of the world changed. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic did a complete 180 degrees on life, as we know it. Most countries had to close down their borders, restrict movement, and carry out lockdowns to manage and control the pandemic and India was no different. On March 25, the country went on a three-week lockdown as a measure to help contain the pandemic.

Nevertheless, the lockdown provided a unique challenge for the $180 billion IT industry to ensure business continuity. The industry incorporated the ‘Work From Home’ model, as mandated by the government, successfully ensuring they were able to give their clients the same quality service they gave them pre-pandemic.

For years, even before the pandemic, India has held the dominating position as a major offshore software development hub. Most western countries have been outsourcing their software development needs to India for years. In fact, according to a recent Deloitte survey, 59% of businesses outsource their software needs to India, and another 22% are considering outsourcing to India.

India has become the main hub for offshore software services mainly due to:

  • The vast talent pool available – India has the largest pool of software developers than any other country in the world. The country has dedicated its time and effort to educate its citizens on software, which in turn has created a group of highly talented and experienced software engineers ready to solve your problems.
  • Lower costs– Even though India has established itself as a software development hub, it is still a third-world country, meaning naturally it has lower Infrastructure and Labor costs compared to developed countries. Thus outsourcing software development to India will always be cost-effective for much better quality of software than anywhere else.

Hence, the IT industry was determined to make the Work From Home model work and continue serving their clients with the best. Though the model seemed challenging at first, soon enough some of the largest IT executives feel that the new model had been a blessing in disguise. IT companies all over India realized they were able to smoothly transition to the Work From Home (WFH) model without compromising on quality or productivity, surprising industry leaders and customers alike.

This was made possible by the industry’s strict adherence to quality processes and the availability of a stable communication bandwidth both from homes in metros and in small towns allowing for business to continue in a more cost-effective and efficient manner. In fact, some of the large IT firms are ecstatic about their progress with the WFH model and are hoping to make it a more permanent feature post-pandemic.

This goes to showcase how India is a more than capable hub to handle your software development needs despite your location or any hurdles that may come their way.


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