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Why Is PHP The Most Popular Language

Why Is PHP The Most Popular Language?

As much as businesses around the world have embraced functioning remotely, they have also adjusted their business motives, budget, and execution strategy in a tactful way.

One such way is by leveraging outsourcing to the fullest!

To many of us, it doesn’t come as a surprise. The outsourcing industry continues to flourish even today. At one time, outsourcing services were confined to large, multinational corporations. But today, businesses of all sizes and nature have accepted the benefits of outsourcing.

The ex-Premier of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, once remarked, “If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.”

It is estimated that 300,000 positions are outsourced every year, and in 2018 the global outsourcing market was worth $85.6 billion according to SmallBizGenius study. The same study concludes that only 59% of businesses are outsourcing their specialized jobs to reduce expenses and 65% of the research attendants agreed that in future they will increase their outsourcing efforts.

In this era, the IT industry is not only on the rise but is also the most dynamic. There’s always a trend, upgrade, or an application to watch out for. On the other hand some languages and coding tactics have now been rendered obsolete. Given the rapid shift in innovation, it can be fairly difficult to maintain a pool of talent that would provide quality and cutting edge services in any domain.

One of the computer technologies, of great industrial relevance, that requires constant practice and innovation is PHP. The reverse acronym of Hypertext Pre-processorPHP is a general purpose, server side, scripting language for web development, best suited to manage dynamic content, databases, session tracking, and even to develop advanced e-commerce sites.

Why Is PHP So Popular?

  • First conceived sometime in the fall of 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP today is the heart of the largest web blogging system, WordPress.
  • It runs the most popular social media platform, Facebook.
  • It’s also simple enough to be a beginner’s first server-side language.
  • It runs on various platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.) and is compatible with most servers used today.

What Can PHP Do?

  • Generate dynamic page content.
  • Create, open, read, write, delete, & close files on the server.
  • Collect form data.
  • Send & receive cookies.
  • Add, delete, modify data in the database.
  • It can be used to control user-access.
  • It can encrypt data.

Prominent PHP Frameworks & Their Key Advantages

The Selection of PHP framework depends on your level of experience and development timeframe, among other crucial factors. These frameworks, however, come in different sizes and shapes.

Let’s have a look at key PHP frameworks.

1. Laravel

Introduced in 2011, it is the most popular open-source PHP frameworks.

It allows for the customization of apps to meet the developer’s needs including data migration, security, and MVC architecture support.

2. Symfony

It is among the earliest PHP frameworks, and has been in existence since 2005.

Given its flexibility, it can be integrated with other projects including Drupal. It permits fast app development due to its reusable components.

3. Codelgniter

Among the best PHP frameworks of the recent times, this platform was first introduced in 2006. It comes with pre-built modules that makes coding simpler and app development quicker.

4. Yii

Released in 2008, it is a lightweight framework with high performance and great speed. It offers interoperability with other frameworks like Zend.

5. Zend

It is community-oriented and offers excellent speed and efficiency.

The library components are lightweight with high functionality.

6. Phalcon

Released in 2012, Phalcon is a full-stack framework.

Most developers prefer this framework because it is incredibly fast due to the minimal use of memory space and does not require one to learn C programming language before using it.

7. CakePHP

This is an open-source platform that came about in 2005. This framework is easy to use and understand, making it a suitable choice for beginners. It is a CRUD framework that enables the creation of standalone libraries for easy learning.

Ironically, most Fortune 500 companies outsource their PHP tasks instead of building an internal talent pool due to the rapid change and innovation in PHP.

If you are in the Information Technology domain and deliberating on whether to outsource your projects, then the following arguments will only help strengthen your mind in making the right decision.

  • 24*7 Support & Skilled Workforce:

Without the constraints of area and connectivity with a limited number of programmers, you can have access to global masters of the language. Moreover, your in-house team works on shift basis but the outsourced programmer will work on a project-to-project basis.

The time zone discrepancies may seem a little tedious to work with in the beginning, but by leveraging the power of the internet, with the help of video conferencing tools like Zoom, you can connect with the programmer to get real-time updates and status reports on the progress of your project.

  • Easy integration of outsourced support with your own team:

Though there may be an expert team working for you, you can still reap benefits by outsourcing simple tasks while letting your team focus on more important issues like design, UX & UI.

If you are planning to release a product within a steep deadline and the team is struggling with the time-crunch then it makes sense to get help from an overseas programmer to get it done smoothly with no stress and additional burden on your inhouse team. The programmer can be added in the daily huddles and team meetings so that he/she can be seamlessly integrated within your team.

  • Improved Security:

The developers, the project is outsourced to are specialized programmers in the language with several years of experience in the field. Contacting them for working on products using PHP will help you in prioritizing the security. As the in-house team has developed the code, there will be an additional set of eyes to scrutinize and identify loopholes & vulnerability to malicious attacks.

  • Faster task Executions:

For the websites and other related products, faster the development, better are the results for business. This helps in getting ahead of the competition and gaining an edge in the target market.

The outsourced person will only be focusing on the product and its development without being influenced or interrupted with other business functions of your company.

  • Cost-Effectiveness with a large number of programmers:

PHP celebrated its silver jubilee last year and within this period, it has emerged to be one of the most popular programming languages among the businesses and also the coders.

Moreover, PHP is an open-source platform with numerous libraries and resources to have a look at. The language is free to download. Therefore, outsourcing the tasks is a very cost-effective way to get things done.

The founder of The Hired Group, Ryan Khan once commented in an interview that, “Master your strengths and outsource your weakness”.

This is the best way to manage the tasks to get them done in the most profitable manner. Outsourcing is the best practice to get your projects completed with a greater efficiency and create more value for your business in the long run.

Datafortune For Outsourcing PHP

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