Datafortune COE consists of Group of Technical Experts coming together to improve expertise and to be a Single Focal point for Knowledge Development and Management leading to an enhanced capability to capture new practices & solutions in Data Management, Analytics and Cloud solutions. Datafortune’s Centers of Excellence help overcome silos and build a robust framework of technical excellence by aligning the strategic assets of the company, i.e.; people, process and technology.

Our vision of a Best-In-Class Enterprise Data Management and Advanced Analytics solutions is focused on

Datafortune COE Framework


Architect and Business Leaders

Enterprise and Solution Architects

Technical Experts

Industry Experts


Point of Views to inculcate the growth of research

Best Practices for an Industry Standard Implementation

Innovations to action at fast moving pace


Data Management – SQL Server, SSIS

Document Management – Sharepoint

Visualization – PowerBI

Machine Learning – R on SQL 2016

With high focused on strategic assets Datafortune COE provides the following benefits gained from centralizing essential functions

Bringing together varied best practices in program development and implementation

Reduced costs through shared assets, tools, shared skills, elimination of redundant process or approach

Reuse of capabilities across program

Speed of delivery

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