Leadership at datafortune

Datafortune is led by dedicated executives who have broad knowledge and have experience of over a decade in the IT industry. Working with our employees worldwide, they come together to make a difference around the globe and to ensure the results we provide are best in class.

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Meet Our Leaders



Ron has more than 30 years of Industry experience and is a veteran of the Data world. Having worked through the ranks in various roles with multinational corporations like AT & T and Amdocs, Ron started Datafortune in 2012 with teams working out of Atlanta, Georgia and Pune, India.

Ron is an able leader that his people look up to and the Quality consciousness that is so vital to Ron has now become part of the work culture at Datafortune. Customer delight is the common goal that the entire company pulls towards and it is in no small measure a reflection of Ron’s own commitment to our customers.

Ron’s way of meditating is a 5 mile run every morning and he likes to be outdoors as much as his work let’s him.



Sumesh is Dynamic Management Leader with a result Oriented Approach, who happens to be an evangelist of new age delivery experience and transformation. He has had an interesting journey spanning 28 years across portfolios in outsourcing software services, Account Management, Delivery and Operations management & also has exposures to inorganic growth of organisations.

After working in organisations of repute like IBM, GlobalLogic, Bristlecone (formerly Mahindra Consulting) and also growing organisations like Melstar, Onward, Rave and Clarion Technologies, Sumesh defines the path ahead for Datafortune as a Chief Strategy Officer. He has worked closely with the clients in USA, UK, Ukraine, Portugal and South East Asia. He also had a stint of running his own venture for some time and understand the pain areas of the entrepreneur very well. Early morning walks, Meditation & Badminton are Sumesh’ way of letting his hair down.

His other big passion is mentoring start-ups and he also happens to be a published Author of a book that guides graduates to make adequate career choices.



Trained as an Industrial Engineer, Rajesh has spent more than 28 years in customer engagement roles. Understanding customer demands and recommending solutions makes Rajesh refer to himself as a Problem Solver.

Having started his career as a Design Engineer, he moved through Technical Support, Pre-Sales & Field Sales and has settled into a Sales Management and Leadership role.

Passion for CCR, Cricket and Cooking has over the years moved onto Bob Dylan, Badminton & B2B Sales.

Wildlife and welfare of stray animals are other causes that Rajesh is serious about, in his spare time.


Rakteem is responsible for delivery of technology projects for Datafortune’ s global clientele. He has more than 18 years of experience in the IT Program & Project Management, and Delivery Management serving major clients in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East across a range of industries, including technology, engineering and consumer products…..

He has a penchant for understanding the customer needs, mitigating challenges, and delivering value to the customers.

His previous roles include leading, managing and driving strategic technology projects, and has worked for businesses, such as Hewlett-Packard & Clarion Technologies in the past. He believes in coaching, mentoring & enhancing the skills of his team members and endeavours to achieve exceptional teamwork in delivering unmatched value to our customers consistently.

Rakteem has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and holds a post graduate business specialisation in Operations Management. He has a passion for sports, especially football & cricket, and loves reading & travelling.