Enterprise Data Management

Advance Analytics

Today, with the growing volumes, velocity and variety of data, organizations are bound to use this data to produce valuable business insights to gain the competitive edge. Anticipate, predict and transform your business into new markets with us.

Numbers have an important story to tell and we give voice to your data by delivering information management, BI and analytic solutions. Our specialization in data stream analytics helps enterprises decipher and examine patterns of interest as data is being created via the Internet of Things.

Under our Advanced Analytics umbrella we also offer :

Big Data Analytics

As we speak, data is growing in volume, variety and velocity. We help you gain insights from various types of data across omni-platforms for real-time and real-world decision making. We enable you to gain intelligence from vast data no matter where it is located. Our Big Data Analytics solutions utilizes specialized software tools and applications for data mining, forecasting and optimization.

Predictive Analytics

With the techniques like data mining, statistical algorithms, modelling, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we identify the likelihood of future outcomes on the basis of the historical and existing data lying in your data warehouse. We help you understand Beyond What Has Already Happened and provide the best assessment of what will happen in the future. We build and deploy predictive modelling directly into your business processes using our multi-faceted predictive analytics capabilities in a single solution.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our AI powered solutions help personalize solutions to your business need. It helps you save time and resources while mining insights to enable dynamic decisions. Our AI platform is inclusive of Cognitive Cloud Computing, Portfolio Recommendation Engine, Intelligent Document Automation, Conversational UIs, Automatic Analysis of Financial Statements, AI Experimentation Platform and AI-led Transformation.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a form of AI that enables a system to learn from data rather than through explicit programming. Our set up provides value to companies trying to leverage big data and helps them better understand the hidden patterns and anomalies buried in the data to gain insights for behavior, preferences or customer satisfaction. In addition, we also set up automation and let it work out the issues or chinks in itself by setting up algorithms in the system that end up correcting itself based on the data patterns that it is recording.

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