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7 Key Benefits of Cloud Migration

7 Benefits of Cloud Migration

Cloud isn’t emerging any more. It is contemporary, evolving, and here to stay for a long time. Operating systems, applications, services, software, etc., have all moved to the cloud. Besides, almost 85-90 percent of the companies have already switched to the cloud. Not only that but the global cloud computing market is projected to surpass the USD 600 billion mark by next year! While all that’s inspiring and impressive, what drives people to the cloud? Let’s look at the seven benefits of cloud migration.

1. Increased Productivity

According to a leading cloud service provider, cloud migration fosters as much as a 25-50 percent increase in productivity. Cloud does it through a range of applications, tools, and resources. In addition, companies on the cloud enjoy free and timely upgrades and thus maintain competence. Besides, working on the cloud enables remote working – which has become the norm after the pandemic. Companies are increasingly looking to leverage it to save operational costs and increase bottom lines.

2. Improved Mobility

Mobile apps have transformed from communication devices to business enablers. Cloud helps increase a business’s mobility. With people spending hours performing various digital activities on mobile phones, businesses striving to go mobile don’t come as a surprise. Cloud can help do that. Mobile-based access to documents stored on the cloud can help enhance accessibility and expedite business operations.

3. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Cloud-based remote access to documents, quick record sharing, timely upgrades, and more convenient storage translate to reduced operational time and increased efficiency. Companies can access every record while on the move. That proves a significant relief, especially when it comes to situations where the company’s after-hours customer service is put to the test!

4. Augmented Speed and Scalability

Scalability is one of the most encouraging factors for companies to move to the cloud. Whether you have 20 customers today or expand your business to make it 200, the cloud can help you scale seamlessly without requiring you to invest as much as you would have while managing data in physical storage.

Similarly, when you can scale down your requirement whenever you want, the cloud will cooperate blissfully in situations like these.

Additionally, while on the cloud, you can deploy applications quickly. Per research and studies, the cloud can significantly reduce the time to market by about 35-40 percent, thus enabling you to reach the market faster than ever.

5. Greater Data Security

All said and done, what about security? But the cloud covers that as well – although many consider security a concern while dealing with an open environment like the cloud. Most cloud service providers have already understood the criticality of keeping their cloud environment secure. Accordingly, they have the necessary security elements to keep data and its access to the cloud secure.

6. Reduced Operational Costs

Cost saving is another vital benefit that drives people towards cloud migration. When leveraged appropriately through a cloud solutions company, the cloud can help companies save money otherwise spent on maintaining physical storage, scaling storage spaces, investing in security, transferring and sharing documents, etc. The cloud, which is completely virtual, reduces these efforts and the costs involved.

7. Increased Agility

Moving to the cloud helps companies increase their responsive agility. It is an essential approach that companies potentially develop via easier storage, quicker scalability, and reduced cost of operations. Besides, since the cloud promotes virtual collaborations, companies can easily respond and adapt to the changing market situation.

Are you also on the edge of switching to the cloud but need help knowing where to start? Connect with Datafortune. We can help you migrate to the cloud seamlessly while optimizing all the above benefits. Our bespoke cloud migration strategies help you keep your data safe and migrate to the cloud in an organized and phased fashion. Please write to us at info@datafortune.com to explore our cloud migration solutions.