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Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics was part of the key announcements made at Microsoft’s annual Ignite conference held in Orlando, FL. It is Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse’s latest enhancement that enables you to connect data warehouses and data lakes. Bringing the two together will foster a unique experience, improve ML and BI capabilities and aid better decision-making.

But what exactly is Azure Synapse Analytics, and how will it benefit companies in the long run? Let’s overview this promising analytical service.

What is Azure Synapse Analytics?

Azure Synapse Analytics is a limitless service that combines enterprise data warehousing, data integration, and big data analytics. It allows you to query data as per your needs through serverless or dedicated options at scale.

Today, where data is considered more valuable than oil, Azure Synapse Analytics will help you dig deeper and gain more valuable insights to fuel business growth. In other words, Synapse Analytics will help you combine various data sources to use your data more efficiently, quickly, securely, and productively.

Another essential factor determining the significance of Azure Synapse Analytics is that it is designed to support the evolving DevOps strategy.

Features of Azure Synapse Analytics

Some essential features of Azure Synapse Analytics include the following.

  • Integrated AI and BI: AI and BI collaborate to empower you with more profound, practical, and intelligent business insights.
  • Language Options: You can use any language of your choice, including KQL, Python, T-SQL, Spark SQL, Scala, and .Net, whether you use dedicated or serverless resources.
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing: You can build crucial data warehouses on one of the world’s most efficient SQL engines.
  • Integrated Analytical Platform: Azure Synapse Analytics enables you to perform tasks like data warehousing, data exploration, data integration, ML, etc., from a single platform.
  • Code-Free Hybrid Data Integration: You can build ETL/ELT processes in a code-free environment to ingest data from over 90 native connectors.
  • Cloud-Native HTAP: You can obtain insights from real-time transactional data stored in operational databases like Azure Cosmos DB.

Why Should Businesses Onboard Azure Synapse Analytics?

Ok. So, what value does this new offering bring to the business owner’s table? It benefits in several ways. Here’s why you, as the CTO, CEO, or any other decision-maker of your company, should be keen on onboarding Azure Synapse Analytics into your data ecosystem.

  • Real-Time Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics offers an integrated workspace for data warehousing, big data, and data management. It enables data experts to use a code-free visual environment to manage data pipelines. Data scientists can create POCs, and on the other hand, business analysts leverage Power BI to build dashboards quickly.

  • More Profound Insights

As everything revolves around data these days, you will be more concerned about the number of quality insights you may get through Azure Synapse Analytics.

Azure Synapse Analytics is efficiently integrated with ML and Power BI. While it broadens your data sources, its intelligent mechanisms, integrations, and applications of ML models enable you to derive more valuable insights from your data. Furthermore, it helps reduce the development time of your BI and ML projects through its limitless analytics service.

What could be even more strategically interesting for you is that the service allows you to seamlessly apply intelligence to your crucial data. It is possible through tools like Dynamic 365 and Office 365 to SaaS service that supports the Open Data initiative. Additionally, you can share that data without any hassles.

  • Higher Security

With data comes the need for security. Azure Synapse Analytics comes with Azure’s exceptional safety and security. It offers features, including active data encryption and threat detection. Additionally, native row-level and column-level security enable you to ensure data privacy and security in case of granular access control. The dynamic data masking feature offers real-time crucial data security.

How Does Azure Synapse Analytics Fit into Your Enterprise Data Warehouse?

Azure Synapse Analytics can be tailored to fit according to your enterprise data warehouse needs. It enables you to do the following to help you optimize the use of this limitless service that combines multiple capabilities.

You can combine structured, unstructured and semi-structured data from various sources through Azure Synapse Analytics Pipelines and store it in Azure Blob Storage.

Azure Blob Storage is a highly scalable object storage that helps store unstructured data-images, audio, documents, videos effective and cost-effectively. When leveraged correctly with Azure Synapse Analytics Spark pool, you can perform scalable analytics and fetch cleansed and transformed data.

You can combine the cleansed and transformed data with the existing structured data, thus creating a single data repository. Additionally, you can build operational reports and analytical dashboards on top of dedicated SQL pool to derive business-ready insights to enable informed decision-making. Besides, you can serve thousands of users with the help of Azure Analysis Services.

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