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Strategic Importance of Power BI – Why Every Company Should Have Power BI?

Achieving business success isn’t necessarily and always outperforming the competition. Sometimes it is about playing it intelligently, leveraging your data, and transforming it into insights that create a competitive value. Many of you, who’ve had sweet and sour experiences with data would resonate with it.

Power BI can play an important role here. It is a new cloud-based business intelligence tool that enables businesses to clean and transform data into useful insights. The tool offers exceptional data analytical capabilities that help companies convert unstructured data into business-ready, presentable, and usable information.

Accordingly, the most significant benefit of Power BI is helping companies make informed decisions. But Power BI offers a few more reasons that make it a strategically vital technology tool every company should have.

6 Reasons Every Company Should Have Power BI

The road to better and informed decision-making goes through various points enroute. Let’s see what makes Power BI a powerful strategic tool in the long run.

  1. Performant Tool

While talking of the Power BI’s strategic benefits, its features play a pivotal role. The Power Pivot (shared with Excel) data modeling engine is an example. It is a highly performant columnar database that leverages modern tabular database technologies to compress databases and load them fully into the memory.

MS-Excel starts slowing down while dealing with excessively large files. However, that isn’t the case with Power Pivot. It is optimized to deal with tables with over millions of records and compress them to an easily manageable file of a few hundred MBs. Additionally, it automates updates that help streamline visual reporting. Thus, you deal with lighter files and quicker data analytics.

  • Questions Answered

While using Power BI, you don’t have to find data but ask the tool and the intelligent tool responds to it accordingly. It is possible through natural language search interfaces that allow users to create visualizations and uncover insights with questions asked in straightforward English. No technicalities involved!

Power BI automatically lists related meaningful queries and an easily understandable preview table that represents your query. All of this happens while you type your question. Additionally, you can ask questions through the new voice recognition feature that the mobile Power BI application supports.

It is a strategically advantageous feature, as you get what you need quickly without running an extensive search for it. Secondly, you can access data securely while you are on the move.

  • Seamless Integration with Existing Applications

This saves efforts, time, and the money otherwise incurred in integrating a new application with an existing one. Power BI seamlessly integrates with your existing business environment. It enables you to adopt analytics and reporting capabilities. Hiring experienced Power BI experts can help you integrate the tool with your existing applications and leverage its collaborative power effectively.

  • Customized Dashboards

When you need information at a glance, those millions of data threads you see may confuse you. In situations like these, all you wish you had a dashboard that could offer a bird’s eye view and more importantly, one which you could personalize to your needs.

Power BI resonates with these users needs to enable them to customize dashboards. These dashboards help users get the information they need at a glance, without requiring them to count, calculate or compute anything. You need some information and you get it ready.

  • Limitless Memory

In a way, this refers to infinite scalability. When you move an existing BI system to a robust cloud environment with Power BI embedded into it, you don’t have memory and speed restrictions. So, no matter how quickly and extensively your business grows, Power BI will continue to efficiently support you on the data front. Additionally, the tool offers quick access and analytics to business data.

  • Data Governance and Security

Power BI eliminates the need to deploy an external tool that takes care of the system’s security. It enables you to meet stringent compliance and regulatory requirements by managing security and user access within the same interface.

The presence of Azure Active Directory (AAD) for user authentication enables you to use Single Sign-On (SSO) with your regular Power BI user ID to access your data. It saves costs and the effort required to integrate external security features.

So, in a nutshell, some of Power BI’s strategic takeaways include,

  • Enhanced data analytics
  • Quicker access to insights
  • Customized dashboards for straightforward and quick data visualization
  • Enhanced data visualization for better decision-making
  • Seamless integration that saves time, costs and efforts
  • Reduced data analytical costs
  • Quick answers to queries

Optimize Power BI’s Strategic Advantage with Datafortune

From quick, straightforward, and comprehensive visualization of data to in-built security features that keep your data secure, Power BI serves the data-related needs of every modern organization. Partnering with Datafortune further enables you to maximize the tool’s strategic advantage through comprehensive integration and upgrade support, coupled with prompt user assistance.

Write to us at info@datafortune.com to know more about our Power BI value proposition and how we can help you keep Power BI’s advantages optimized.