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The Philosophy of Hiring and Retaining A-Players at Datafortune

The Philosophy of Hiring and Retaining A-Players at Datafortune

Any business that is intending to remain successful understands that a company is only as good as its people. When you have great players on your team, your chances of succeeding increase drastically. Thus, it is every business’s goal to create a team that embodies their culture and assists in propelling them forward.

At Datafortune, we take great pride in our team of players. In 2017, we hired 30 employees, and since then, our numbers have only grown to contain more top-rung players. In 2018 we hired 24 people, in 2019, 30 people, and in 2020, 46 new people came on to join our team. With each passing year, our numbers grew exponentially. In the last year, we have experienced a 35% employee growth, which comprehensively adds up to a 75% growth in the last two years. We take great pride in our continued expansion and the great environment we have created to attract top talents to Datafortune. We put in a lot of work to ensure we create a low-stress environment with supportive leadership and room for growth. Here is how we go about hiring and ensuring we retain our A-players.

The Hiring Process

At Datafortune, we only hire A-players. Studies have shown that A-players are eight times more productive. We understand the unique value that A-players bring to the team, and how they contribute to the overall growth of the company. We strive to offer an environment where A-players that join our team can thrive at work and also grow in their own personal capacity. We encourage them to step out of their comfort zones and venture out to do more.

We intend to make you grow, not to compress your abilities and leave you stuck. Any member of our team knows that we do not tolerate insecurity about personal growth over peers. We get our employees to refer and recruit equally good or even better resources than themselves. We strongly believe that ‘A hires A, and B hires C’, and we consider ourselves A quality due to the kind of hiring and retaining we have done over the years. By hiring only A-players, we create a highly competitive environment, which, in turn, leads to high-quality deliverables on cutting-edge technologies for our customers.

We also dedicate our efforts to ensure gender equality and a healthy gender ratio for our team players. We have an extremely well-balanced floor with equal opportunities for all employees.

Thus, we have spent a lot of time, money, and effort to improve our recruitment process to ensure we attract the best and, only, hire the best fit for our company. A wrong hire not only costs money but also wastes time and effort. At Datafortune, we are searching for team players that value a collaborative environment. Hence, we conduct stringent and rigorous testing to ensure high-quality verbal communication, cognitive skill, and problem-solving abilities in our potential recruits.

These processes have greatly improved our talent acquisition teams and hire days. The process improvements are evident from our offer backouts that have improved from 25% to 6% in the last year.


Hiring the right employees is just the first step in ensuring that our team players reach their full potential. We strive to ensure the personal and professional growth of our employees. We want them to gain additional skills in technology and learn new and better methodologies. Thus, one of our initiatives is to sponsor our employees on relevant online courses that will help them expand their knowledge and, in turn, better serve our customers. Furthermore, we provide in-house training and certification for our employees for certain special skills. Proper training will help them get comfortable in customer-facing roles and assist them to be better served to assist customers who need specific skill sets.

Retaining Employees

No matter how great you are at hiring excellent employees, if you cannot retain them in the long run it is all moot. Being able to retain A-players is vital for staying ahead. At Datafortune, we strive to create a competitive environment full of collaboration to ensure an optimal arena for our employees to thrive. We offer ample opportunities to ensure our employees can grow from being individual contributors to team managers. Thus, our employees are always encouraged to stay and stay ahead as they know there is always room for them to grow in the company.

We encourage team bonding and mutual trust by encouraging the employees to organize recreational activities, which always have a high degree of participation. It usually entails activities like trekking, hiking, and outings. We also conduct yearly sport events. Our sport of choice is obviously cricket, only because it is hugely popular amongst our employees, and we encourage all employees to participate. Furthermore, we include fun Friday events like dancing, singing, magic shows, and other in-house activities. Spending time together like this outside the work environment encourages a sense of loyalty and oneness in our employees, bringing us closer together and increasing their chances of staying with the company.

These activities have assisted in increasing our retention levels as they are higher than the industry standard. In fact, 7 of our first 12 employees are happy to continue working with us, and approximately 10% of our old employees were rehired after various jaunts elsewhere.

At Datafortune, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that we hire and retain the crème de la crème of A-players.

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