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Why Should You Use RAD for Your Business Development?

Let’s begin with a numerical fact about Rapid Application Development (RAD). Per reports, RAD is projected to grow from nearly USD 7.7-8 billion in 2018 to approximately USD 46-47 billion in 2023. At a CAGR of over 40 percent, it seems that almost every business would soon want to adopt RAD.

But what makes RAD an in-demand approach in the business world? Why should you also adopt RAD for business development soon? Let’s look at some reasons that make the use of RAD imperative in this competitive age.

What is Rapid Application Development (RAD)?

Popularly known as RAD, Rapid Application Development is a type of Agile progressive development model. It emphasizes rapid prototyping and quicker feedback over extensive development and testing.

RAD allows developers to make multiple iterations and updates without restarting development. Using RAD makes an under-development software more flexible to handle and modify. It proves a beneficial development approach amidst the dynamic contemporary business environment.

10 Benefits of RAD for Companies

Let’s look at ten significant benefits of RAD for companies to indicate their significance from the business development perspective.

  1. Quick and Constant Feedback

RAD enables developers to get quick, constant, and continuous feedback about the product they develop. Developers don’t have to wait for the product to roll out and to be used by the users to get feedback.

  • Reduced Development Risk

Quick and constant feedback helps developers detect problems in the product in its earlier development stages. Developers can quickly go back to the problem and rectify it. The product doesn’t have to undergo the entire development cycle to go through checks and then have user feedback worked upon.

  • Increased Productivity

While developing applications through RAD, developers can present their products frequently. It embeds a sense of confidence among them about positive user feedback about the product and its success. It boosts the developer’s morale and contributes to their productivity positively.

  • Reduced Development Costs

RAD helps companies shorten the development cycle time and increase productivity. Besides, instant feedback allows developers to make quick changes to the product. It eliminates the need to wait for the product to be deployed and feedback to be gathered. In other words, it avoids situations where feedback isn’t favorable and requires developers to reinvent the wheel.

  • Measurable Progress

RAD makes measuring progress pretty straightforward for the project stakeholders. The frequent iterations, along with the various prototypes released, make it easier for the stakeholders to quantify progress. They can also instantly track if the project is on the right track or requires alignment.

  • Straightforward Adaptability

RAD allows developers to change the code drastically and adapt to an entirely new system. In other words, it will enable the development team to respond to changes in a way that takes it to make the application successful.

  • Prompt Productive Code Generation

Rapid Application Development allows developers to quickly generate prototypes and work on codes to showcase samples that could take several weeks to come to life. Thus, it catalyzes quick decision-making and even faster updates.

  • Increased Flexibility

The contemporary development approach enables developers to execute changes without going through the development cycle quickly. It refers to a higher amount of flexibility compared to other conventional techniques like Waterfall.

  • Increased Focus on the Outcome

Users or investors aren’t concerned about the challenges developers encounter or the technique they’ve adopted while developing the application. They only focus on the outcome. It is here that RAD has a competitive advantage. With its flexible, time-saving, and cost-saving approach, RAD lets the project team focus on the outcome without requiring it to be stringent on the process.

  1. Quicker Application Roll-Out

Quicker development, instant, and constant feedback, and rapid changes reduce the overall roll-out time of the application. Companies can outperform their competitors through a reduced time to market and be at the vanguard of breakthrough innovation.

Leverage RAD with Datafortune!

From the strategic perspective, the key takeaways of RAD include reduced development cost, quicker development, value-driven instant user feedback, and faster time to market. However, you cannot discount the need for a RAD expert to help optimize its benefits for your business!

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